The Importance of Patience

It’s January, marking the midpoint of winter with spring just three months away. This means warmth, extending daylight, and steady work. A part of me can not wait for my season to begin, but I have personal work to take care of and the importance of patience is evident. Continue reading


Goddamn November

I’m losing my grip. This month marks the beginning of the seasonal struggle I face every year. It’s been 5 years. 5 years spent looking for a purpose. Last week I started to realize just what that might be. Continue reading

The Hiatus is Over

This is mainly to serve as a “hello again” after an abrupt discontinuation of posts for a period time. I’m back. Not much writing has happened since March. This could be just a winter blog. Temps are dropping and my mind is starting to race in the growing cold. Winter is the season for depression, with no doubt a few rounds of beating the beast back down. The benefit that I gain in the coming six months is a wandering mind that delves into an array of aspects in life, dark ones included. Posts are inevitably gonna get weirder as the sunlight becomes ever more a precious commodity seen during work but too little enjoyed in free time. After hours will be for the dark and subsequently when I write. For now I’ll be back in the coming days with new posts, as they still need some tweaking and hashing out.

-Fuck the Critics, Screw the Fans

A Take on Spirituality: Be Open, Be Happy

What follows will inevitably piss some of you off. Some may not even finish reading what is in this post. So in an attempt to curb anger and ignorance to the words that follow, I would like to explain that I aim to understand aspects of life, not to pass judgement. If the title wasn’t a big enough hint for you, the subject at hand is faith and spirituality. All I ask is that you approach my view in this matter with understanding and not to allow judgement to hold you back from putting yourself in my shoes.

Change. My generation seems to be obsessed with it. In some areas, brand new answers need to be found. Faith and spirituality though do not need brand new answers but progression.

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Late Night Epiphany

You know that time when you stare at the ceiling waiting to fall asleep and your mind meanders about ideas. Then every once in awhile, vavoom!, this answer comes from nowhere and you’re up until sunrise trying figure out where this train of thought is headed. Right? This happens to other people. Right? I can’t be the only modern day thinker who lies awake trying to piece life together on a social, philosophical level with late night epiphanies. Right? Well either way this latest “late night epiphany” concerns all of you. Yes, each and every one of you.

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Generation Uncertain

It could very well be just the point of life I’m at but I get this feeling of searching for new answers by my generation. I’ve heard my generation called many names, like the Rx Generation or the Now Generation, but what I feel describes my peers is Generation Uncertain.

The name fits because the world is starting to work differently. Technology is an everyday use giving my peers unparalleled knowledge at their fingertips. The barriers of past generations no longer exist or are in the process of being torn down. What I see happening is a generational clash. Old mind sets versus new ways of approach. Continue reading