Hi there. It’s been a while. I recently re-read my old writings. Who was that guy? The past six months my presence has been nonexistent in regards to the old habits that once controlled my everyday life. The changes I have always yearned for have started to take place and there is a reason for this. This past May I accepted the generous offer from my parents to enter into a treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse.
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A Conflict of Interest

How does one reconcile the need to die with the need to inform? That is where I am at. In my heart, I know I must move on. I know I am detrimental to those I meet in this life. Maybe catholic school had it right. I am the anti-Christ. Maybe not in the global spectrum of things but those I encounter, yes,I am. Continue reading

The Loss of Community

Whatever happened to knowing your neighbor? Whatever happened to caring about what others lives consist of? As time has moved forward, people have seemed to move inwardly but we still have these mediums that allow us to connect to others. This connection, however, is superficial. A digital image we curate for people we don’t really know. We provide cynical one liners or pictures of what we are up to at a given moment but we rarely are honest of our true status in life. What happened to community? Continue reading

The Hush of the Land

I once heard a man named Smoke give a talk. First thing, if a man called Smoke starts talking, you shut up and listen. Secondly, if that man is talking about an issue close to your heart, you really shut up, listen, and pay close attention. Thirdly, if that man has been a packer for all his life, you give him respect because that is one tough motherfucker. Continue reading

Waking Up

In continuation with the previous post, my focus for the new year is set on making myself better for those in my life. This time around I plan on actually following through with action rather than just write about it. I know the goals. I know the steps to reach those goals. This hypocrisy of knowing and not doing must end. Continue reading