You’re here most likely because we know each other in some way. You’re here because I posted about this on Facebook. You’re here because my story, the path I’m on, is one that has never been explained clearly. You’re here because you want a view into what really goes on in this head. I’m here to grow and to show how I’ve grown.

I will make no promises as to how interesting, insightful, or entertaining this will be. This is me, as best as I can explain my observations and trials regarding how I got to this point.

If you don’t enjoy it, well fuck you. This blog isn’t to please you. This blog is to satisfy my needs. This is a courtesy window into who I am. Making this story public saves me the annoyance of having to tell it over and over again. So take it or leave it. Read it or don’t. As always, the choice is yours. It’s all in there. Raw. Honest……and poorly proofread.



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