A Conflict of Interest

How does one reconcile the need to die with the need to inform? That is where I am at. In my heart, I know I must move on. I know I am detrimental to those I meet in this life. Maybe catholic school had it right. I am the anti-Christ. Maybe not in the global spectrum of things but those I encounter, yes,I am.

I negatively effect those around me. Not once do I remember positively changing another’s life. I’ve beaten and broken people in the past. Now I simply hold those back that have so much positive influence to give to this world. I am unworthy of their friendship. The fact that they have put up with me for so long is incredible. With the distances growing ever more vast between us, it is time for them to let go, to move on.

I am a pest. One that needs little to no interaction with others. My parasitic side takes over when kindness is offered. I suck relationships dry, because of this realization I will return to the woods. The less interaction I have with the old guard, the better it will be for them.

I still love the old guard with all my heart.. It is because of this I must walk away. The last post was for the benefit of others, that is all I have left to give. For now, my time is limited. Whatever. message I have to leave I hope I get out before I expire.

(and for those who can’t take this or think I’m just looking for pity,you can take that pity and shove it up your ass. This is my life. Take it or leave it)

– Fuck the Critics, Screw the Fans



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