A Conflict of Interest

How does one reconcile the need to die with the need to inform? That is where I am at. In my heart, I know I must move on. I know I am detrimental to those I meet in this life. Maybe catholic school had it right. I am the anti-Christ. Maybe not in the global spectrum of things but those I encounter, yes,I am. Continue reading


The Loss of Community

Whatever happened to knowing your neighbor? Whatever happened to caring about what others lives consist of? As time has moved forward, people have seemed to move inwardly but we still have these mediums that allow us to connect to others. This connection, however, is superficial. A digital image we curate for people we don’t really know. We provide cynical one liners or pictures of what we are up to at a given moment but we rarely are honest of our true status in life. What happened to community? Continue reading