The Hiatus is Over

This is mainly to serve as a “hello again” after an abrupt discontinuation of posts for a period time. I’m back. Not much writing has happened since March. This could be just a winter blog. Temps are dropping and my mind is starting to race in the growing cold. Winter is the season for depression, with no doubt a few rounds of beating the beast back down. The benefit that I gain in the coming six months is a wandering mind that delves into an array of aspects in life, dark ones included. Posts are inevitably gonna get weirder as the sunlight becomes ever more a precious commodity seen during work but too little enjoyed in free time. After hours will be for the dark and subsequently when I write. For now I’ll be back in the coming days with new posts, as they still need some tweaking and hashing out.

-Fuck the Critics, Screw the Fans



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