A Take on Spirituality: Be Open, Be Happy

What follows will inevitably piss some of you off. Some may not even finish reading what is in this post. So in an attempt to curb anger and ignorance to the words that follow, I would like to explain that I aim to understand aspects of life, not to pass judgement. If the title wasn’t a big enough hint for you, the subject at hand is faith and spirituality. All I ask is that you approach my view in this matter with understanding and not to allow judgement to hold you back from putting yourself in my shoes.

Change. My generation seems to be obsessed with it. In some areas, brand new answers need to be found. Faith and spirituality though do not need brand new answers but progression.

I am a spiritual person, always have been. This belief comes from deep within my core. For a decent amount of time I tried to ignore this truth about myself. But even in my most adamant rejections to this spirit, it never really died away. The understanding I have of faith and spirituality did not come from a classic route.

After I left the Catholic Church, I began to look into other religions to understand them better and possibly find solace in one. What I came to realize though is that every religion at its base level boils down to the same thing. Religions are tools, or paths, to achieving inner happiness. Not one major religion consists of teachings telling people to close themselves off or judge others. In fact, the teachings are pretty much the same just tweaked and told in a different manner. What I believe god, the universe, or whatever you think is out there, or maybe nothing at all so I’ll just say life, wants from us is simple. It wants us to be happy, but as usual the human race has created a problem to achieving this joy on a truly global scale.

I can understand the devotion to a belief system that allows an individual to gain inner happiness. The problem, however, is that people start to believe their way is the answer. What is wrong in this approach is that no belief system, or religion, is “the answer” but one answer, or path, in a multitude of answers. If you believe every person is unique then it is impossible to assume that there is just one path to salvation. The world is made up of so many different religions because we are unique and need options. Every belief system is just as legitimate as any other. If it provides a person the answer for he or she to live a happy, fulfilling life that does not harm any others then what right does another have to judge that and say it is wrong?

I am not a member of any religious institution. The life I lead revolves around doing right by others and helping those I can. My capacity to care and love those in my life is something I wish to grow until my last breath. I aim to understand others, not judge them. That is a work in progress but one improving with time. I do not believe true objectivism exists but trying to hold back my hang ups and emotional attachments to certain ideas I hold true is vital to achieving an understanding of the perspective of another.

World peace or global happiness will remain out of reach unless we as a race can focus on understanding that which others adamantly believe in. The reason why I will never join a church is that the people in power preach their religion as the one and only answer. Power has corrupted the purity major religions had at their outset. The stories are important. The morals they wish to instill in a person are good to understand. Religion is a tool with a purpose. What is wrong is that people begin to worship the tool instead of the goal it is made to achieve. Unless we as a race can realize that lasting happiness is the goal and that how one gets there is moot, then the world will always consist of pain and struggle brought about by the very tools made to avoid this. Be open. Be happy.

-Fuck the Critics, Screw the Fans



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