A Take on Spirituality: Be Open, Be Happy

What follows will inevitably piss some of you off. Some may not even finish reading what is in this post. So in an attempt to curb anger and ignorance to the words that follow, I would like to explain that I aim to understand aspects of life, not to pass judgement. If the title wasn’t a big enough hint for you, the subject at hand is faith and spirituality. All I ask is that you approach my view in this matter with understanding and not to allow judgement to hold you back from putting yourself in my shoes.

Change. My generation seems to be obsessed with it. In some areas, brand new answers need to be found. Faith and spirituality though do not need brand new answers but progression.

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Everything is Connected

For a very long time my opinion was I had never really started to live. That my first 19 years consisted of nothing noteworthy, no accomplishments, nothing learned. This position has changed over the last week. Something has happened.

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Late Night Epiphany

You know that time when you stare at the ceiling waiting to fall asleep and your mind meanders about ideas. Then every once in awhile, vavoom!, this answer comes from nowhere and you’re up until sunrise trying figure out where this train of thought is headed. Right? This happens to other people. Right? I can’t be the only modern day thinker who lies awake trying to piece life together on a social, philosophical level with late night epiphanies. Right? Well either way this latest “late night epiphany” concerns all of you. Yes, each and every one of you.

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