Generation Uncertain

It could very well be just the point of life I’m at but I get this feeling of searching for new answers by my generation. I’ve heard my generation called many names, like the Rx Generation or the Now Generation, but what I feel describes my peers is Generation Uncertain.

The name fits because the world is starting to work differently. Technology is an everyday use giving my peers unparalleled knowledge at their fingertips. The barriers of past generations no longer exist or are in the process of being torn down. What I see happening is a generational clash. Old mind sets versus new ways of approach.

The Occupy Movement is the perfect example. It personified this mass feeling that something is not right but nobody can really pinpoint the exact problem or solution. Classic Generation Uncertain. People in my age group have been the first exposed to endlessly ideas, knowledge, philosophies, and religions from across the globe regardless of social class. No longer are there blinders on the general public as to how other societies and cultures function. This flood of new information has left my generation with a hangover. We feel there is a better way to do things, we just haven’t figured it out yet. We’re still digesting and beginning to grasp this new landscape. Old school thought processes aren’t helping either.

The old American Dream is dead. You know that story you got fed about if you get good grades, then you get into a good college, then land a good paying job doing what you love, get married, have kids, and buy a house. By now most of us know that’s just bullshit. Our parents were the last generation that dream might have worked for. Make no mistake, it’s dead, most likely for good.

We need to stop telling kids graduating high school that college is the next best step. If a kid graduates high school really knowing what he wants to do for a career then by all means go to college. If a kid, like myself, graduates high school with no clue of a career choice then they need to take a break. Kids need to get affirmation that going out into the work force and getting their hands dirty is just as respectable of a path. I wish that my school counselor would have told me that. The only reason I attended college right out of high school was because “that’s just the way the world works.” I needed lessons from life not delivered in a classroom setting. I needed reality. Taking a break after high school would have saved me so much wasted money in loans.

Another change on the college front is that you can’t major in whatever and expect to get a job that pays well enough to justify the expense of study. Liberal Arts majors, I’m looking at you, unless you really want to be a professor or teacher. I have met multiple people with Liberal Arts degrees working as dishwashers. We need to tell these new up and comers to research the job market in their preferred interest. If a kid wants to be an artist or loves history but can’t stand teaching, that’s fine but they need to know that monetary income is most likely gonna come from a different area of life. I’m not saying give up on your passions, pursue gaining as much knowledge as you can and maybe one day you can come up with a way to turn a passion into a career. But if you don’t need a piece of paper certifying you paid a lot of money to an institution to gain knowledge that can be learned for free then don’t go to college!

How the view that manual labor is blue collar work done by those who failed to get that overhyped college degree came to be held as accepted general public opinion, I just don’t understand. History shows a time when that mindset had validity. What I don’t get is how that mindset has prevailed for so long amongst a changing landscape. Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of people saw the mass changes coming and prepared for it rather than running into the same inevitable obstacles to see how much profit could be made before being forced to change in hard times? But as I’ve wrote before, change does not come easy.

The world being passed on to Generation Uncertain is one needing equilibrium. That is a really generic, pussyfooted way of putting the multitude of areas that need revising on global, national, and local fronts. So if you thought I was gonna pull some mind-blowing answer out my ass, sorry to disappoint. Classic Generation Uncertain. What we need to start ignoring is that mind set that “things are the way they are because they’ve always been that way and that’s just how the world works”. Fuck that. We know the world is vastly different than 20 years ago. The world needs a new plan. It is entirely fathomable that Generation Uncertain won’t solve the majority of the problems. Change starts in the thought process of approach. If that is all my generation can accomplish at least Generation Uncertain will know it was the first to pull their heads out of the older generation’s ass and stopped shit from being passed down the line. Tough times come hand in hand with change. My hope is that Generation Uncertain can pull that silver spoon of entitlement out of American society’s mouth and makes it realize hard work is ahead, prepare to get a little dirty.

– Fuck the Critics, Screw the Fans



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