Generation Uncertain

It could very well be just the point of life I’m at but I get this feeling of searching for new answers by my generation. I’ve heard my generation called many names, like the Rx Generation or the Now Generation, but what I feel describes my peers is Generation Uncertain.

The name fits because the world is starting to work differently. Technology is an everyday use giving my peers unparalleled knowledge at their fingertips. The barriers of past generations no longer exist or are in the process of being torn down. What I see happening is a generational clash. Old mind sets versus new ways of approach. Continue reading


The Youngest Acknowledges the Old

Writing on a regular basis has been strange and beneficial as a past time. This is honestly the first time in my life I have ever tried, if you couldn’t already tell from how unpolished this blog is. Allowing for these posts to be a voice has brought satisfaction in a somewhat creative way I’ve never had before. For some reason, I built this aversion to being creative when I was younger. Continue reading

Commas in a Bank Account Balance

Something that has bothered me for quite some time is the view society has of homeless people. I can understand the aversion to dirty, unkempt individuals brazenly asking for money or a spare cigarette to the point of harassment. This does not cover all the bases but civilization’s primary view condenses this fringe culture to such a stereotype. I have been homeless and would like to share the number one need civilians deny vagrants. Continue reading

Perfect Charade

The response to the blog has been interesting. Beneficial in a lot of ways but surprising in others. I forgot how much of a well kept secret my past was and is. People should know that what they have read and will continue digest is not common knowledge to anybody in my life. To put it one way, my parents never knew about the anti-christ incident until this blog started. Now, no one should think that I have negligent parents. My parents are amazing. If they had known about what had happened closer to the actual event, heads would have rolled. I actually had to talk with them after that post to make it clear that that whole thing was in my rear view so they wouldn’t confront the woman. Nobody knew because nobody was supposed to. Continue reading

The Most Appropriate Valentine’s Day Topic I Could Think Of

Ugh, I hate today. Probably because every Valentines Day I’ve been single for. I was thinking about how the two suicide attempts in my life have been near the times I fuck things up with women. I should probably fill you guys in about the first time I tried kill myself freshman year of high school. Nobody has ever heard about this before. Continue reading

Shroomormon: A Cautionary Tale

Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent

This is not meant to be an essay encouraging or denouncing drug use. It’s your body, you decide what substances to put in your system. If anything, what follows is just an experience. One possibility out of the infinite that can occur. It is however still a possibility which makes it worthy of some attention. The only goal is to bring to light what unpredictable results can come from using hallucinogens without being responsible in your approach. If you’re not planning on doing hallucinogens, it’s still an interesting story. If you thought about trying tripping then take this into account.

When I first started writing about this particular event I told the stories of each individual involved. It hit me though that there is really only one experience you need to read in detail. The best place to start is near the end and then go back to the beginning. Basically, I’m gonna Tarantino this bitch. Continue reading